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Автор Тема: openmcu crashed when using webrtc on Freepbx+openmcu  (Прочитано 648 раз)


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I'm using jssip client to make video conference call in openmcu with Freepbx14, but openmcu crashed after some time when Jssip client connect using stun server or turn server in WAN environments , openmcu thread status shows "does not exist".   That never happened in local network.
Jssip client registered with Freepbx Chan_Sip extension, rtp stun and webrtc stun have been set, firewall open rtp port and  wss port. Also NAT set correctly.


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Re: openmcu crashed when using webrtc on Freepbx+openmcu
« Ответ #1 : 24 Ноябрь 2017, 22:48:26 »
Which version of OpenMCU-ru are you using? You have entered an extremely new territory using WebRTC. JsSIP client to FreePBX transcoding it to pure SIP with STUN over to OpenMCU-ru? Have you wiresharked the SIP packets coming into OpenMCU-ru to see how the headers are configured?
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